Can you connect a blu ray player to a non-HD tv?

Answer Quick method: 1.Download VLC player. 2.Throw DVD in your computer. Painful method: Scour stores and eBay for a DVD/Blu Ray player that plays region 4.

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I'm trying to burn CDs using Media Player 11 I am getting a error that says connect burner and resart player?

Burn your CD's from itunes, its easy and straightforward. Just go to to download itunes.

Can I connect my laptop DVD player to TV or do I need a dvd player to watch movies on TV?

Most modern flat screen TVs have a VGA input for PC. If yours has one plug your laptop into it with a VGA cable you can get from a computer shop and some supermatkets.If it doesn't have one you'll... Read More »

Can you connect blue ray player to a standard DVD player then to a HDTV?

Can you connect blu ray player to a standard DVD player?

Yes it Comes in Widescreen and in HD unlike othe movies.