Can you connect a Nikon camera to a mini laptop that doesn't have windows vista or the other windows thing needed for the CD?

Answer yes the camera should come up as a removable disk all you have to do is browse the cameras drive to find the images; usually in DCIM folder

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My camcorder will not connect to my windows vista laptop?

It won't work to USB but if you have a DV to Firewire Card it will Work thanks

How do you get photos off your digital camera I have new laptop windows vista hprem OS and no drivers for Kodak dc280 camera. any other options?

Answer I'm not 100% familiar with Vista, but have you tried the camera wizard? Does Vista recognize your camera when it is attached?If so then all you need to do is open the folder that holds you... Read More »

Can I use a Windows Vista recovery DVD on a Windows XP laptop?

The Windows Vista recovery DVD cannot be used to repair a Windows XP installation. Windows XP requires the use of its own recovery DVD and the Windows XP Recovery Console.References:Microsoft: Desc... Read More »

Is Windows Vista The Same Thing As Windows XP?

Not even close. For an installation disc or any given program you are looking at, it is simply saying that it is designed for only those two operating systems with those service packs. The two oper... Read More »