Can you connect a DVI cable to a HDMI port?

Answer It is possible to connect a DVI cable to an S-Video port. However, to do this you will need an adapter connected to the HDMI port, changing its shape into a DVI port.Source:DVI to HDMI adpater

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Why doesnt your dynex hdmi cable fit in the hdmi port on your television?

All HDMI cables shoudl fit all HDMI sockets, but the mechanical size of the plugs jacket could be a problem if space is tight around the socket.Be aware that there are now mini versions of HDMI con... Read More »

How do i connect my laptop with VGA port to Samsung LCD with HDMI & AV Component port?

You will need to use a converter. VGA only carries an analog signal, and HDMI carries digital video and audio. It is not cheap, nor easy to convert from analog to digital. You can use a converter l... Read More »

Will an xbox 360 hdmi port work with any hdmi cable?

The Xbox 360 HDMI port allows any cable to be connected. The HDMI cable included from the factory is not the only option for connecting to the HDMI output. Going with less expensive HDMI cables can... Read More »

How to Connect a Display Port by HDMI?

You can use the Mini DisplayPort featured on the your Mac computer to connect the video card to an HDMI-enabled TV or monitor. The DisplayPort on your computer enables you to watch your digital vid... Read More »