Can you connect a DVD player to a computer monitor?

Answer Yes you can but you have to have the right cords.

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How to Connect a Standard DVD Player to View on a Computer Monitor?

Modern LCD computer monitors are typically equipped with a DVI connection, which can make connecting a standalone DVD player prohibitive or impossible. You can resolve this by utilizing a DVD playe... Read More »

Can one connect a ps2 to a computer monitor?

Pop over to www.lik-sang.comThey do a great PS2 VGA adapter that will let you connect your PS2 and your PC to one monitor. No idea about connecting a PS2 to a PC (and why you would want to?), but t... Read More »

How do i connect my computer to my monitor?

The 2 row is the DVI connector and the 3 row is the VGA connector. If it doesnt work, then unplug one of the video cards first so that it is not interfering, and then once you have it working. Then... Read More »

My desktop monitor is dead. Can I connect my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

No there isn't a realistic way of doing this. While one of the remote control suggestions may work, you need to configure the desktop for thisto work which you can't as the monitor doesn't work.How... Read More »