Can you collect short term disability from two separate jobs?

Answer If you have a qualifying injury/accident, have private SDI from your employers and can't perform your duties at either job yes you can collect disability from both companies. Check with your Human ... Read More »

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Can you collect unemployment benefits and short term disability on two separate injuries at work?

It means that the duration of your disability has been extended. The context of this would depend on who was telling you this, for example, your physician, your insurance company, your employer, etc.

If you are receiving short term disability benefits and while collecting you were laid off from your employment can you collect unemployment compensation while receiving short term disability benefits?

a person that cant function right or a person that cant do one that a normal person / healthy person can do

Can a person collect short term disability in NC and file for disability?

Short term disability will pay benefits for a defined period of time, provided you are unable to work due to medical reasons. Social Security Disability will cover you if you are permanently disabl... Read More »

How do I collect short-term disability?

Get a PolicyPurchase short-term disability insurance or apply for a job at a company that offers short-term disability insurance. If you purchase a policy, select one that awards you at least 40 pe... Read More »