Can you collect on a life insurance policy if you have a long term disability before death?

Answer Not specifically for a long term disability, but you can collect if you have a terminal illness.

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How to Collect Long-Term Disability Insurance & SSDI?

If you were recently injured or diagnosed with a long-term disability, you may be eligible for federal disability benefits. The process for filing a claim can be complex and extensive, so before yo... Read More »

Can a pastor collect long term disability insurance?

If you receive Disability Income from a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy can creditors garnish the monthly income from this policy?

The answer to your question is yes. If creditors can garnish your wages if you were working, then they can garnish the income you receive from your disability provider as well. The same procedures ... Read More »

What is the different between Long term disability insurance and accidental death dismemberment insurance?

Long Term Disability policies cover you if you are put in a nursing home or need to have a nurse come to your home regardless of how you were put there. Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies ... Read More »