Can you collect military retirement and Social Security?

Answer Since 1957, military personnel have paid into Social Security and are therefore eligible to receive both Social Security and military retirement benefits. Those in the military before 1957 did not ... Read More »

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Can a person collect unemployment if he is receiving retirement and Social Security?

Provided you are physically and mentally capable of work and actively seeking a job, a person collecting Social Security may still collect unemployment pay. You may also still be able to collect un... Read More »

At the Full Retirement Age of 65, Can I Earn Money & Collect Social Security?

The Social Security Administration estimates that 96 percent of American workers pay into Social Security, anticipating retirement at full retirement age or later. You may choose to work and collec... Read More »

How does military retirement affect social security benefits?

Military retirement pay has no effect on Social Security eligibility or pay. Your full Social Security pay and benefits are available, and they are calculated based on the amount you contributed wh... Read More »

Is Social Security taxed if your only income is military retirement?

Whether your Social Security benefits are taxed depends on your total income. If your military retirement and Social Security benefits exceed the annual limits for Social Security benefits being co... Read More »