Can you coat over tung oil with polyurethane?

Answer On One Hand: Polyurethane Provides More ProtectionPolyurethane provides a more protective finish when applied separately over tung oil, which requires many more coats than polyurethane to achieve t... Read More »

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Can polyurethane be used on a tung oil finish?

Polyurethane "is" a finish, as is tung oil. You can use polyurethane on a tung oil finish. It won't hurt anything, but you don't need to. Pick a finish, either tung oil or polyurethane, but not bot... Read More »

Can you put an oil based polyurethane over the top of water-borne polyurethane?

Yes, but the older finish must be completely dry before applying the new oil based top coat. For furniture use fine steel wool to remove the glossy surface from the old finish to ensure proper adh... Read More »

How do I make a coat of polyurethane shiny?

Prepare the Item for CoatingSand the item in question with a fine-grit sandpaper until all bumps or bubbles in the existing polyurethane are gone. Lightly dampen a clean cotton cloth with mineral s... Read More »

Can you put polyurethane over latex paint?

Polyurethane products may be applied over latex paint. You'll want to make sure your paint is completely dry before applying a polyurethane top coat. Polyurethane can help to give a more durable, s... Read More »