Can you close a bank account over the phone?

Answer Whether or not a bank will accept a phone request to close an account varies by institution. Acceptable methods for closing an account are usually listed on the account disclosures given at the tim... Read More »

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How to Request to Close a Bank Account?

If you leave the state or switch banks, you may want to close your old bank account. To close an account, you must first contact your bank. Your account can be closed using a couple of methods. If... Read More »

How to Close a Bank Account Online?

Online banking allows you to manage your finances from the comfort of your own home, negating the need to visit your bank in person. If you want to close your account without visiting or phoning th... Read More »

Will My Bank Close My Account If I File Bankruptcy?

A typical fear of filing for bankruptcy might be that your bank or banks will close down your accounts. That's not true in most cases. It ultimately depends on your financial circumstances with you... Read More »

Do you need two approvals to close a joint bank account?

In a joint banking account, both owners need to sign off to close the account. Exceptions would be granted if one signer has a power of attorney from the account owner that is not available or a de... Read More »