Can you claim stock investments on your taxes?

Answer Investment accounts, including all stocks and bonds, are considered capital assets by the IRS. As such, each is reported on income tax returns as either a gain or a loss during the year that the a... Read More »

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Stock Investments & the IRS?

In the United States, the Internal Revenue Code allows preferential tax treatment to investors in equity securities, commonly referred to as common stock. Stock investors may be eligible for both r... Read More »

Should i have all my investments in company stock?

On One Hand: One Stock SuccessThere are plenty of success stories of people making millions from a single stock that skyrocketed for various reasons. A very well run, financially strong, innovative... Read More »

Different Types of Stock Investments?

Stock investments are shares in a company and are classified as either preferred stock or common stock. The value of stock investments is determined by the type of stock that is held by the stockho... Read More »

Should I have all my investments in Kroger stock?

On One Hand: Kroger's StrengthKroger (traded on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker KR) is a market leader in the grocery space. Even in downturns, people need to buy groceries, and arguabl... Read More »