Can you claim someone's child on your income taxes?

Answer You can claim someone else's child under the age of 19 as a dependent if you provided a residence and support for more than half of the year. A student can be claimed until age 24. Qualifying relat... Read More »

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Can you claim an unborn child on income taxes?

In order for you to claim an exemption on your federal income taxes, your child must be born during the calendar year. You may not claim a stillborn child as a dependent, but you may claim a child ... Read More »

Do you have to claim Social Security on your federal income taxes?

You must report your Social Security income on your federal income taxes. However, if your combined income is not high enough, your benefits may not be taxable. No matter what your income, no more ... Read More »

Can You Claim Your Child as a Dependent for Income Tax?

The IRS considers dependents to be qualifying adults or children who receive the majority of their financial support from another party. There are two levels of tests that determine whether you ca... Read More »

Can your ex-wife and her new husband legally claim your children on their taxes if she does not have a taxable income but he does?

Answer Yes, if the couple is responsible for more than half of the financial support pertaining to the child/children. If the support amount is equal, it would be advisable for the parents to try t... Read More »