Can you claim lottery scratch-offs on your taxes?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service says you can deduct gambling losses against gambling winnings if you itemize deductions. Losses cannot exceed winnings. You must also keep records of wins and losses, s... Read More »

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How to Win More Scratch Offs?

Lottery tickets in general don't have great odds, but there are a few ways to up your chances of winning on a scratch-off ticket. Here's how to do it.

How to Win More Scratch Offs Without Doing Any Math?

There are a couple of techniques that can increase the amount of money you win on scratch offs without having to do any math.

Can you claim your brother-in-law on taxes?

You cannot claim your borther-in-law as a dependant simply because he is your brother-in-law.However, in most cases, if you provide more than 50% of his support in terms of housing, food, medical c... Read More »

Can you claim a newborn on your taxes?

Publication 501 of the Internal Revenue Service details the requirements for a qualifying child. You can claim a child who has lived with you for more than six months. Newborns, however, can be cla... Read More »