Can you claim a disabled person on your IRS income tax?

Answer You may be able to claim an exemption for a disabled person if they are a qualifying relative that passes all of the gross income requirement tests. You must provide more than 50 percent of the dis... Read More »

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If you quit working in the because you were disabled could you still claim the disabilities benefits now if you can prove you were disabled at that time?

Answer If I become disabled I will get a check for not working

Life of a disabled person who helped another disabled person?

If someone is disabled and therefore unemployed but getting SSDI how can he obtain a person to person auto loan for a used car?

Answer "he' would call local lenders until he found one willing to make a loan based on his CR and expenses and income.

How to Claim Disabled Access Credit?

Learn how to claim disabled access credit to negate expenditures incurred for the purpose of access to your business to individuals that have a disability. Your small business has to have earned le... Read More »