Can you chose not to live with either of your parents?

Answer Depends on how old you are.

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Adoptees: if you could have picked your own adoptive parents, would you have chose the ones you have?

No.They would be as much LIKE my natural parents as possible -- IF, and only if, not being adopted is not an option.My APs are old enough to be the parents of my parents.My APs are abusive.My APs a... Read More »

I am wondering how many parents looked at the ingredients in vaccines before they chose to vaccinate?

I haven't yet, but I definitely want to research it before my son is 2. That is when I had planned to start getting him his vaccinations- but only certain ones, definitely not all of them!Thanks fo... Read More »

In Wisconsin can a child chose which parent to live with?

Answer No, minors are not allowed to decide with whom they wish to live, including which parent.When parents cannot agree on custodial issues the judge makes the decision for them. That decision i... Read More »

If you do not live with your biological parents but live with a legal guardian and are about to be legally adopted can you be emancipated from your biological parents?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. But, if you live in the US... If you're about to be legally adopted, then your biological parents parental rights will be terminated (and your adoptive pa... Read More »