Can you chew tobacco while pregnant?

Answer 1. girls chew tobacco?2.i wouldn't incase3.U IDIOT! DON'T CHEW TOBACOO4.BYE!

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How to Chew Tobacco?

Chewing tobacco is a habit-forming pastime seen in Major League Baseball, Professional Rodeo, and across the southern USA. It may be gross and disgusting to some, but if you have your mind made up,... Read More »

Do you chew gum, and for how long do you chew it for?

Until it loses its flavour, or until it gives me bellyache. Chewing gum has that effect on me =/

How to Chew Gum?

Chewing your gum is a pretty simple task, that requires little thought or concentration. However, here are some steps to help you chew your gum better and maximize the pleasure from chewing. It is ... Read More »

How to Eat when You Can't Chew?

Root canal? Teeth pulled? Sore gums? Dental surgery? All the more reason you need lots of nutrients (and not lots of sugary drinks) to heal! Here's a recipe for a quick, nutritious soup that will g... Read More »