Can you charge your iPod Nano With out the computer?

Answer You can buy travel sets which contain a Europe adaptor, a Asia adaptor, and a UK adaptor, that slide on and off easily and plugs into the wall plus it comes with a spare usb adaptor. You can buy fo... Read More »

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How do I charge my ipod nano Whenever I plug it in my computer, it just says "do not disconnect". ?

After you plug it in to the computer, you should notice on your ipod's screen....the has a lightning bolt icon or a plug icon......the lightning bolt means its charging. you can go in... Read More »

My ipod nano wont turn on, nor will it charge when plugged into the computer. ?

hehe. this is common. let me guess, you only chrage it through the usb port on your pc?if so, borrow or buy a portable usb wall charger and plug the nano's usb cable in. let it stay for 24 hours, t... Read More »

How do you hook up an ipod nano to your computer. Does it come with a usb cord?

it should come w/ a chord cause mine did. u can also try buying an additional chord at any electronic store because that's the only way to hook it up to ur computer.

I Need Help With an iPod Nano That Won't Charge?

The battery on the iPod Nano will lose power each time you use the portable media player. You will need to charge the battery from time to time to prevent the battery from losing all its power. It ... Read More »