Can you charge eFax to your home phone?

Answer According to the customer service department at, monthly charges cannot be billed to a home phone. Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Further billin... Read More »

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Leave your phone to charge in car would it be charge?

Assuming your phone is charging through the stereo of your car, yes, it is normal that if the car is turned off you will not be able to charge your phone.Some (but not many) cars will power the cig... Read More »

What do phone companies mean by unlimited nights and weekends and do you get charge for making call to house phone?

Unlimited nights and weekends simply means you have "unlimited" minutes on nights and weekends. The minutes you use during this period will not be deducted from your "monthly" minutes. The time whi... Read More »

When I checked my phone bill a charge for "Phone Beatz" appeared on it. What is it?

Ask your phone company. The # is on the bill.

Is there a way to charge a cell phone battery without the phone?

Yes. Some cell phone manufacturers and third-party accessory companies make separate battery chargers that are capable of charging a phone's battery without the battery being present in the phone i... Read More »