Can you charge an iphone without a computer?

Answer Yes, use the wall charger.

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Can you charge an iPhone without a SIM card?

why yes you can! i just took my sim card out and tried and it still fully charges!Hope this helps,lex

How do you charge an iphone without the charger?

Hold it face down in one hand and vigorously rub the other side with your other hand. The heat will cause a charging effect. If you do it properly you will never need another charger.

Why won't my computer charge my iphone?

Try unplugging other usb ports. Perhaps, using too much power means your power supply is far too little. You can try getting another power supply that has more watts.

How to charge iphone 4 using a computer?

I bought a Lilly case for my iPhone 4 in the fall and it has protected my phone very well even after all the times I have dropped it, but a few weeks after I bought the case the design started peel... Read More »