Can you charge a laptop through a USB cord?

Answer unfortunatly no, ive tryed and its because the usb plug does not take in power, so basically its only used to connect two devices, not flow power between them.

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Can you charge a Nikon D60 with the USB cord and a laptop?

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My Toshiba Laptop Won't Charge With the Power Cord?

A power cord, or AC adapter, charges a Toshiba laptop battery and powers the laptop. If the battery is not charging while the laptop is plugged into the AC adapter, it is likely that you need to re... Read More »

How to Charge a V3M Razr With a USB Cord?

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is designed to establish a connection between two devices. Many times it is used to connect various electronic devices to your home computer but many modern cell ... Read More »

Can a USB cord charge an iPod Touch?

Yes, you can use a USB cord to charge the battery of your iPod Touch. To do so, connect the cable to the computer, rather than the keyboard, and ensure that the computer is turned on and not in sta... Read More »