Can you charge a iPhone 4 with an iPhone charger?

Answer yes just simply pug the usb cable that came with your iphone into your iphone and any usb port (pc, mac, ps3, xbox360) and it should charge Yeah, both of them has the same input Voltage and current.

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Can you charge iPhone 4 with old iPhone charger?

How do you charge an iphone without the charger?

Hold it face down in one hand and vigorously rub the other side with your other hand. The heat will cause a charging effect. If you do it properly you will never need another charger.

Can you use an iPhone charger to charge an iPod?

The iPhone and the iPod use the same cable to charge. The cord has a USB plug-in at one end and a thin bar at the other that fits into the charging slot on the iPhone or iPod.References:Apple: iPho... Read More »

You were charging your iPhone suddenly you saw smog coming out of the iPhone where charger pin is in iPhone What do you need to do?