Can you charge a 5.5v phone with a 5v charger?

Answer no

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My phone wont charge but the charger is fine?

Sometimes it's your charging port. If it's not handled gently sometimes the port itself gets pushed around a little and even though it says it's plugged in and charging, it won't take a charge prop... Read More »

Can you use a charger to charge a cell phone in Canada?

To charge a cell phone in Canada, you can use the same cell phone charger that you normally use in the United States, as the power sockets in the two countries carry the same voltage and have the s... Read More »

I dont have my charger and myphone is dead and i CANT leave can i charge it without the charger!?

Uh, I don't think so. But I have the original razr phone and this is odd but whenever it dies on me, if i wait a lil while, I can turn it back on. It will actually work for a lil while longer as i... Read More »

Can you charge the G1 with any charger?

On One Hand: It Has a Charger Designed for ItAny retail purchase of the T-Mobile G1 comes with its own phone charger. This charger is configured for the right amount of voltage for your cell phone ... Read More »