Can you change your sons last name if father is not in the birth certificate?

Answer yes you can just go to the place where you get your birth certificate and you can get it changed

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How to Change the Father's Name on a Birth Certificate in Colorado?

In order to change or add a father's name to a birth certificate in Colorado, you need to contact the Colorado Vital Records and Paternity Determination Office. Individuals can change the father's ... Read More »

If a birth certificate has the wrong father name can you change it?

Yes, it can be changed after paternity of the biological father has been established by the courts, you fill out a change of birth certificate affidavit and send it in with your court documents to ... Read More »

Change baby last name if father does not sign birth certificate?

Even if he did, and the parents are not married, he has no legal say in the matter until ruled on by a court.

How do you change baby last name if father has never signed birth certificate?

first of all you just need to walk or drive your butt down to the hospital (with the dad of course) force the dad to sign the paper and change the last name but it would probably be easier to take ... Read More »