Can you change the ringtone of an HTC Touch Pro 2?

Answer Infinity is not a standard feature on a Qwerty board, but many progams such as MS Word have a special function that allow you to insert nonstandard keyboard symbols like infinity.In addition with m... Read More »

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How do i change my ipod ringtone?

You go to settings then general then sounds and you get to change your ringtone for the items listed there.

How do you change your text ringtone on iphone 4?

No software is required to use Facetime on the iPhone 4. It is required that you be on a WiFi connection. Facetime can only be done from one iPhone 4 to another iPhone 4.If you are using Facetime o... Read More »

How to Change MP3 Songs to the Ringtone on an LG Xenon?

The LG Xenon cell phone allows users to take MP3 files that are stored on the device and designate them as the ring tones for specific contacts on the phone. Ring tones are preset songs that play w... Read More »

How to Change a Ringtone on Windows Phone 7?

Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system licensed by a number of OEMs for use as the primary operating system for smartphones and other similar mobile devices. Microsoft has ... Read More »