Can you change sky channel with out pointing remote control at sky box?

Answer Yes by using the buttons on the Sky box!

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How do you change channels on remote control by just hitting on channel number?

These remotes are based on "pin switch" settings matching between the remote and the receiver (ie: electric gates or garage door opener) Your remote has an access door to access its battery and dip... Read More »

Why when using dish network remote control in UHF to change a channel it goes through many channels before it stops Have the receiver favorites set to all channels Remote works fine in IR mode?

Some remotes can be used in IR or UHF mode but not both. What model is the remote, 21.0 or a different model? When a remote is switched to UHF from IR, it needs to be readdressed to the receiver so... Read More »

How to Change the Channel to Video on a Sylvania TV With a Remote?

Knowing how to switch your TV to a video input is essential to maximizing your home entertainment experience. When you connect a component, such as a video game system, DVD player or cable box, to ... Read More »

Why can't i change channels with dish network remote control?

Do you have fresh batteries in the remote? Even though the buttons at the top of the remote may light up, the batteries may not be strong enough to get the signal to the receiver to complete the op... Read More »