Can you change placement with an amendement iep?

Answer In short, yes. Autism is a spectrum disorder which means that it is found in a range of severities. It can be very mild and the person has few problems or it can be severe and they require more ca... Read More »

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Can a 14 year old in North Carolina in DSS custody in a kinship placement have the right to say they want to live with kinship placement and not parent?

No. Assuming the parents are unmarried, the father must establish his paternity in order to establish his parental rights. This is a serious and complicated situation, legally. If he just takes the... Read More »

How do I get my daughters public county school to pay for her to go to a private school for the blind. What do I fo to get them to change placement on her IEP to be at a Private School.?

I am a retired special educator with 28 years experience. The first thing that you need to know is that many public schools do not want to pay for a placement at a private school as it is extremely... Read More »

What's the best placement for my subwoofer?

You don't want to smother the bass. As a rule anywhere in the room will suffice because subwoofers are not directional. However, moving it to different locations is a matter of audio taste relativ... Read More »

Tattoo Placement help?

wrist sounds good, but here are some other options:Back of neck?Ankle?Hip?Hope this helps :)