Can you change account numbers in microsoft money?

Answer You can change account numbers in Microsoft Money. From the Microsoft Money home page, click on "Account List" and choose the account you'd like to change. With the account open, select "Change Acc... Read More »

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How to Change the Page Numbers in Microsoft Word 2010 Documents?

Word 2010, part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, is a word processing program for creating a wide variety of documents. Users can control many features of Word 2010, such as ... Read More »

How do I change a stock symbol in Microsoft Money 2?

Go to the Money ToolbarClick "Stocks" in the Money toolbar. Click "Find," and select the "Symbols" option. Type the name or part of the symbol for the company that you would like to locate, and cli... Read More »

If i get a refund from a ebay seller, do i get my money back into my pay pal account or my bank account?

Your PayPal account gets refunded and when the payment has been cleared, whichever source the money originally came from (your debit or credit card) then gets refunded from your PayPal account.It c... Read More »

Is there a difference between the APY on a savings account& a high-yield money market account?

No, the formula for annual percentage yield (APY) is one plus the periodic interest rate. Then raise the sum to the power of the number of periods of investment. Finally, subtract one. The formula ... Read More »