Can you change a name on nonrefundable tickets?

Answer On One Hand: Nonrefundable Just Means No Money BackYou can't get your money back if you decide against using a nonrefundable ticket. This does not necessarily mean that you can't change the name on... Read More »

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How to Change a Delta Nonrefundable Ticket?

You may need to change a Delta nonrefundable ticket because you're a business traveler and your work schedule has changed. Or perhaps a natural disaster has caused you to need to change your travel... Read More »

What is a nonrefundable tax credit?

A nonrefundable tax credit refers to a tax credit that cannot result in a tax refund by dropping the taxpayer's liability below $0. For example, if your tax liability was $290 and you had a nonrefu... Read More »

Can you change a name on non-refundable tickets?

As of 2009, most major airlines will not allow you to change the name on a non-refundable ticket. A few airlines allow names changes for a fee and some allow name corrections if a mistake was made ... Read More »

How to Cancel Nonrefundable Qantas Flights?

If you're traveling on Australia's Qantas Airways and are unable to make a scheduled, nonrefundable flight, it's in your best interest to contact Qantas to cancel the flight rather than simply not ... Read More »