Can you cause damage to your eardrums from listening to your Ipod?

Answer Yes, you can. If you constantly have noise being pumped into your ears, then yeah, it's going to affect you later on in life.No one listens to that, however.

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Is it illegal to drive while listening to an IPOD?

It shouldn't be unless you have your headphones in which could be a distraction to driving or if you are holding the ipod up to your ear, then a police officer could think its a cell phone.

Which model iPod is the best for transferring and listening to music only?

Answer If you're sure you aren't going to want video later, then one of the standard iPods will do. They may be a little hard to find as I think they're phasing them out in favor of the new video m... Read More »

My ear feels blocked and heavy, I have been listening to my Ipod lately too.?

Sounds like wax build up or other such blockage. completely unrelated to your iPod and normal for this time of year. you can get over the counter ear drops to clear it up.

Can headphones bust your eardrums?