Can you catch swine flu from a baby?

Answer The baby would be more likely to get it from you, especially if they are under six months old, since they can not take vaccines for influenza until after that age. But the answer is yes, they can g... Read More »

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If a woman is pregnant and she has the swine flu will the baby inside of her catch the swine flu too?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US have released information for pregnant and breastfeeding women, a link is provided below in the related links section. It is as yet unknown... Read More »

How on earth did us humans catch the swine flu from pigs?

It does raise serious questions about where this brand new, never before seen virus came from, especially since it cannot be contracted from eating pork products, and has never before been seen in ... Read More »

Are chances higher for a baby to die from swine flu than an adult?

Yes, they have a much weaker immune system and it is generally fatal for a baby.

Can an adult catch a cold from a baby?