Can you catch polio from a polio vaccine?

Answer There are two polio vaccines available. The polio shot, inactivated polio vaccine or IPV, will not cause polio. The live, oral polio vaccine, or OPV, results in 1 in 2.4 million contracting the dis... Read More »

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Polio vaccine are they dead or live vaccine?

The intramuscular vaccine for poliomyelitis is inactived meaning it is not live the oral vaccine, now no longer used, was live. Go to the website to learn more about vaccines

What type of vaccine is polio vaccine?

It is a oral vaccine . The previous name was polio vaccine licensed in 1955 and was used extensively from that time until the early 1960s. In 1961, the oral vaccine was licensed.

Is there a vaccine for polio?

The polio vaccine was discovered in the early 1950s by Dr. Jonas Salk. The vaccine contains inactive polio virus that cause the body to manufacture antibodies, which protect against the virus.Sourc... Read More »

Who invented polio vaccine?

There are two different polio vaccines. The injected polio virus was invented by Dr. Salk, and the oral polio virus was invented by Dr. Sabin.