Can you catch hepatitis C from kissing?

Answer On One Hand: Very Slim PossibilityHepatitis C can be transmitted through a kiss, but it would be a rare occurrence. According to, hepatitis C is transferred through blood. The most c... Read More »

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Can you catch a cold sore from kissing someone who has one even if you've never had one before?

yep and yep. So dont get a 'suckjob slapper with a cold sore' Have a hand job instead

HIV from kissing?

you don't get HIV from kissing, period, end of story.

Can I get pragnent from kissing?

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Can you get any disease from kissing?

yes, you can get quite a few things.mono being one of them, and mono can be serious in some cases, it is not to be taked lightly.also, you can contract oral herpes, aka cold sores. this is pretty ... Read More »