Can you catch chicken pox if you have been vaccinated?

Answer After a chicken pox vaccination, it is still possible to catch the virus. After one dose of the vaccination, there is a 15 to 20 percent chance of catching chicken pox after being exposed to it. Af... Read More »

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Can you still catch a disease after being vaccinated for it?

Yes, but not as bad as if you caught the actual disease. Vaccination is an injection of the disease you wish not to catch. This is done so your body will develop the needed, reactive antibodies to... Read More »

Can a vaccinated person still catch the swine flu?

no because a vaccine is weakened germs of that virus. your immune system fights the weakened germs then it can fight the stronger ones

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Can u catch chicken pox more than once?

The Chicken Pox virus is Herpes Zoster which can re-appear, usually as a cold sore, or shingles.