Can you cash checks at any bank?

Answer Most banks require that you have an account at the bank in order to cash a check. However, many banks such as Bank of America, have implemented non-customer check cashing charges, and may cash a ch... Read More »

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How to Transfer Cash to Another Bank Account With e-Checks?

You can send money many ways these days, and in most cases you never actually see the cash. E-checks are one of the methods for transferring funds from one account to another. They are used through... Read More »

Can you cash checks made out to you from businesses at the same bank the check is from?

Checks can be presented to the financial institution used by the business for payment by the payee. A form of identification such as a driver's license will be required. Depending on the bank, a ch... Read More »

Can a bank cash checks for a money services business?

The potential for criminal activity with all money services businesses is an aspect closely monitored by the federal regulatory officials. As such, banks tend to be extremely cautious in dealing wi... Read More »

Can you cash a check at a bank where your account has been levied without the bank taking the money?

When your bank account is levied, or frozen for debts owed, it is not possible for you to use that account for check cashing. To cash a check when your bank account is levied, you can use a check c... Read More »