Can you carry a child rider on term life insurance?

Answer Child riders are available on many term life insurance policies. A child rider will add an eligible child to a parent's term life insurance policy, providing coverage until the child reaches a cert... Read More »

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If you are on long-term disability should you still file a claim with the SSA if you have an SS rider on your insurance policy and you are able to work at a different occupation?

The re-wording of the question changes the answer. Simply, if you are able to work another occupation than you are not able to qualify for SSDI. 4lifeguild Answer The SS rider is an offset. Thi... Read More »

What is the difference in whole life insurance&term life insurance?

Life insurance pays a defined benefit amount when the policyholder dies. Term life insurance pays if the death occurs during the term of the policy--a predetermined number of years. Whole life insu... Read More »

Are life insurance proceeds payable under an accelerated benefit rider tax-free?

According to the IRS, life insurance death benefits are not taxable. Accelerated benefits are still considered death benefits, even though the insured is still alive. If you are the beneficiary a... Read More »

How much life insurance should I carry?

On One Hand: Enough to Provide for FamilyIf you have dependents, you will probably need life insurance to make sure they are taken care of after your death. When evaluating how much life insurance ... Read More »