Can you carpet over asbestos floors?

Answer It is fine, and even recommended, to carpet over asbestos floors. A suitable pad needs to be installed underneath the carpet. Vinyl flooring, linoleum, or ceramic tiles can also be used to cover as... Read More »

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How to Nail Through Asbestos Tile Floors?

Tiles used in older homes are likely to contain asbestos. Asbestos can be a health hazard and should be treated with care. If the tiles are damaged, they can release asbestos fibers into the enviro... Read More »

Why are house floors with carpet quieter than house floors with tile or hardwood?

Because the carpet absorbs the sound of anything against it and the hard floors just make the sound echo.

Do you prefer CARPET or HARDWOOD floors?

Hardwood. I think carpeting is more high maintenance and also I just love the look of wood. I like a beautiful rug if I have anything on my wood.

How do I prepare concrete floors for carpet?

Seal the ConcretePrevent moisture from cracking the floor by sealing the concrete floor using a concrete sealant and paintbrush. Paint the sealant evenly over the entire floor. Allow it to dry for ... Read More »