Can you cancel stolen car insurance claim?

Answer You can't just cancel a claim. It is basically up to the Insurance co. to either aprove a claim or deny it. However, it the vehicle was stolen, it is your resposibility to provide a police report p... Read More »

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Can the insurance company deny your claim for stolen vehicle if the car payments are behind?

No, that wouldn't be a reason for claim denial. It may be a reason for them to investigate you for insurance fraud.

Do your car doors have to be locked in order to report something stolen or make an insurance claim on it?

No it is considered stolen if someone currently has something of yours in their possesion without your permission.

Can an insurance company reject your claim if the car was running with keys in the ignition when the car was stolen?

Why ask? Insurance companies seem to ask the same questions:Were the keys in the car when it was stolen?Did you ever get a duplicate set made?Do you have the key or keys in your posession?I'm pret... Read More »

How long do you have to file a travel insurance claim We had some belongings stolen out of our car in Italy in October 2007......Thanks .?

You should of done it as soon as you got back from the holiday.