Can you cancel insurance on a financed car if your drivers license is revoked?

Answer Answer Unfortunately not, because the car still needs to be covered no matter the situation.

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If your license has been revoked can you get auto insurance for a financed car by listing your boyfriend who is licensed as the driver and yourself as a non-driver?

Answer If your licensed has been revoked, you can make him rated driver on the vehicle, (if he lives in the household) and you as a non driver. You don't want lienholder to enforce insurance on it,... Read More »

Can you get car insurance with a revoked license?

You can get insurance for a vehicle you won't drive. For example, you could purchase comprehensive and collision insurance on a vehicle you plan to store until you reinstate your license. This insu... Read More »

If you have uninsured motorist insurance are in a accident and its you fault other driver has no insurance or drivers license can you get your car fixed if you only have liability insurance?

Answer As a broker, I can tell you NO, there is no coverage if you are at fault. Now if you are only partially at fault, example, 50%, and it's proven, there may be coverage under your carrier. I... Read More »

Is the insurance quote more when the insurance is to be obtained on an international drivers license vs the quote for insurance on a valid US license?

Probably Typically yes, most insurance companies want at least 3 years driving experience in the US and a US license.