Can you can spaghetti squash?

Answer On One Hand: Canning Spaghetti Squash is Not RecommendedFood safety and preservation experts at the University of Missouri and the University of Illinois say that canning spaghetti squash is not re... Read More »

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Is spaghetti squash a vegetable?

Yes, spaghetti squash is a vegetable. It is called "spaghetti" squash because its yellow flesh is long and stringy like spaghetti. The squash sometimes is even eaten with tomato sauce.Source:Squa... Read More »

Can spaghetti squash be green?

Green spaghetti squash should be avoided. If spaghetti squash is green it is a sign that it was picked before it had a chance to ripen. A good spaghetti squash should be a pale ivory or pale yellow... Read More »

Can you microwave spaghetti squash?

Along with boiling or baking, microwaving is another way to prepare spaghetti squash. Once it has finished cooking, the stringy flesh will pull away from the rind with little effort. Season with sa... Read More »

Where can i buy spaghetti squash?