Can you cahge a 64 bit computer to a 32 bit?

Answer For one: Why do you want to do this?I also see lots of people here saying that you have to install 32 bit Windows, this only emulates a 32bit environment. The 64 bit nature of your computer is in ... Read More »

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Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

Why is facebook running so slow on my computer when all the other websites run super mega fast on my computer?

Everyone in my house has been experiencing this problem as well. I'm to assume it is not just my account and is surely an issue with facebook's servers. I've been off facebook for two days because ... Read More »

Can you connect your canon rebel xti to your computer while taking pictures and have them show on the computer screen?

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Can I pick up a Wifi signal with one computer, and send internet to another computer with an Ethernet cable?

Yes, just open Network Connections after connecting to the wireless connection. Highlight both the wireless connection and the Ethernet connection you want to "Bridge". Right-click and choose "br... Read More »