Can you cahge a 64 bit computer to a 32 bit?

Answer For one: Why do you want to do this?I also see lots of people here saying that you have to install 32 bit Windows, this only emulates a 32bit environment. The 64 bit nature of your computer is in ... Read More »

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Can I remove memory from a computer its originally installed on the computer to another computer?

What happens if you plug the iPod nano into the computer when the computer is off?

How to Build Your Own Home Theater Personal Computer With an Older Computer?

This guide has the purpose of helping you to reuse an old computer transforming it into a new living room or bedroom’s media center or HTPCUbuntu Linux and XBOX Media Center, both with GPL /GNL l... Read More »

My computer suddenly is displaying "WARNING YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED WITH SPYWARE can i fix it?

Run your anti-spyware in Safe Mode.If you dont have an excellent anti-spyware or your current anti-spyware can't prevent spyware from Invading you computer,download a better one.There are top 5 ant... Read More »