Can you bypass an O2 sensor?

Answer There are a number of reason why one might want to bypass an O2 sensor, but it should be remembered that doing so will render a vehicle unable to pass an emissions test.HistoryMechanics were figuri... Read More »

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How to Bypass the Rear O2 Sensor?

The O2 sensor in your vehicle gathers information about the emissions that are being put out by your vehicle. This information is sent from the O2 sensor to the vehicle's on-board diagnostic comput... Read More »

How to Bypass the Cold Air Intake Sensor?

A car's engine uses an air intake in order to retrieve air from outside of the vehicle. The air is then mixed with the fuel, and combustion is the result. This is what propels the car. There is a s... Read More »

How to Bypass a Chevy Knock Sensor?

Your knock sensor is an electrical device on your truck, car or Sport Utility vehicle that detects knocks in your engine caused by premature detonation of the air-fuel mixture as it enters the cyli... Read More »

How to Bypass the Oxygen Sensor on a 1998 Ford Contour SVT?

The oxygen sensor on your Ford Contour SVT measures the amount of toxins released from your exhaust and sends this information back to the vehicle's computer. The computer can then adjust the air t... Read More »