Can you buy songs on iTunes using dial up?

Answer You can buy songs on iTunes with a dial-up connection, but downloads will take more time than they would with a broadband Internet connection. You also may experience issues with song previews when... Read More »

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How do i delete songs off my i pod using itunes?

That depends on if you want to keep them in your library on your computer or not.If you want to keep them in your iTunes library, but take them off of your iPod, then you'll need to do a few things... Read More »

My old itunes got erased and i have a new computer with new itunes how can i put the new songs from the new itunes to my ipod withought erasing all of the songs from my ipod and sync the new ones?

Answerit will be a gotcha lurks when you install iTunes and plug your iPod onto a new computer because iTunes is set by default to replace your iPod library with the desktop library the first time ... Read More »

Can I buy songs off iTunes using my new gift card?

yeah just go to the itunes store and on the right side there should be something that says redeem and you scratch off the gray on the back and put in the code.but if you dont have an account you ha... Read More »

How can I add songs to my iPod without using iTunes?

When you open iTunes, make sure the setting for downloading new songs is set on 'Manual', otherwise it'll erase all your current songs. If it's set on manual when you plug your iPod in, you can add... Read More »