Can you buy snow crab in a can?

Answer Canned snow crab meat is commercially available. One company that offers canned snow crab is Shirakiku. Canned snow crab meat is also reviewed in the Journal of Food Science and referenced in many ... Read More »

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What is a snow crab?

Alaska snow crab (scientific name Chionoecetes opilio) are found in the icy waters of the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. After many years of overfishing, a new quota system has helped the s... Read More »

How to Open Snow Crab?

Snow CrabIt's easy to open Snow crab legs with a few simple steps.

Is snow crab sweet?

Snow crab, much like its cousin the king crab, is a sweet-tasting meat. This does not mean it is sugary or dessert-like, just that its meat, when cooked correctly, has a gentler, slightly sweet--an... Read More »

How long do you boil a snow crab?

Snow crab that is precooked can be boiled for five to six minutes before it is eaten. Snow crab that is freshly caught, or not precooked, can be boiled for eight to 10 minutes and then eaten.Source... Read More »