Can you buy gas logs without the grate?

Answer Gas logs come as part of an insert with a grate or burner stand, but they are also available separately. Logs are designed to replace worn sets or add to existing sets. A wide variety of modern cer... Read More »

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How to Convert Deadaim Logs Into Gaim Logs?

This is a way to convert DeadAim logs into logs that Gaim understands. It is a simple file renaming process that you can automate. Gaim is now called Pidgin and can be found here

How to Grate Parmesan?

The flavor and quality of freshly grated Parmesan is superior to pre-grated, packaged cheese. Grating your own cheese is not as quick and easy as using pre-grated cheese, but the flavor results are... Read More »

Where should the grate be placed in a fireplace?

On One Hand: Improving EfficiencyA fireplace grate can improve the efficiency of your fireplace, but the proper placement is essential to its effectiveness. The grate should be placed at least thre... Read More »

How to Grate Cheese?

Grating cheese is a very simple task. This article will tell you how to go about doing so.