Can you buy contact lenses for an astigmatism off the shelf?

Answer Federal law prevents the purchase of "off the shelf" contact lenses. In order to receive a prescription, an optometrist must perform an eye-examination and lens fitting. Under federal law, you ca... Read More »

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If I wear a glasses/contact lenses for my astigmatism will my vision get worse over time?

Even though most in optometry will not correlate it the evidence is there. When people get nearsighted glasses their nearsightedness gets worse, when people get farsighted correction their farsight... Read More »

Circle lenses even though i have astigmatism?

Sure you can buy them . Sure you can wear them....but will you see well ?Not very well with the left eye.The best you will do is with a - 3.50 OD and a - 6.50 OS

Is my astigmatism too bad for regular contact lens?

Some people with prescriptions like yours are perfectly happy with their vision with spherical lenses. You really should be fit though and not just order them on line.

Where can I go to get a contact fitting and contact lenses?

An optician, an optical store can sure help you. You don't need to know anything but only how to take care and apply your lenses. It can discomfort your eyes for the first few days you put. You hav... Read More »