Can you buy an image stabilizer separate and attach it to a lens?

Answer I love beavers answer and he and LEM have pretty much covered itThe other thing you can do is bump the shutter speed up to reduce camera shake, Nikon and Canon put image stabilization in the lens a... Read More »

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Why do you get a lens error message when you attach a lens adapter with a filter to your nikon coolpix 8700?

If the distance from a converging lens to the object is less than the focal length of the lens what willl the image appear to be?

Does Canon a650 have image stabilizer?

Will a 35mm compact camera lens produce a better image than a 35mm retrofocus SLR lens?

The lens in a compact camera without a retrofocus design might seem to have an advantage of less complicated optics, but I am sure that there are multiple factors involved that I just do not unders... Read More »