Can you buy a uverse dvr on eBay and add it to your uverse thdvr system?

Answer NO.

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Can't get volume high enough w/ uverse 2 tvs remotes & uverse remote on high volume magnavox flat & sylvania?

You may need to turn the volume up on the AT&T U-verse cable box.To program your remote to control the U-verse volume follow these instructions:First turn your TV volume to about halfwayPress and h... Read More »

What channel in AT&T Uverse is the same as the CW?

Try this: Hit the menu button, then go down to Search. From this screen, you can type in the name of the show you want and it will search two weeks out for episodes and tell you what channel and t... Read More »

What channel is ESPN on At and t uverse?

Westinghouse lcd uverse codes?

SInce the Bose uses an RF (radio frequency) remote, and the TV is most likely IR (infra red), you will have to use the IR extenders that came in the box, plug into the IR port on the head, and poin... Read More »