Can you buy a iPhone for 22 pounds?

Answer Yes, the HTC HD2 is currently the best phone in the world, want proof, go to youtube and type in HTC HD2 vs Iphone 3GS/4G. Want more proof then go to the HTC website and flick through and there you... Read More »

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Why is iphone 4 200 dollars in the US but 500 pounds in the UK?

because the recession is over ... i really cant tell you why maybe there is a tax on it ... or because its "new" people sell it for more ... maybe they have to reconfigure it to a UK bandwidth ...

What is the cost of the iPhone 4 in British pounds?

£499 for the 16GB model, and £599 for the 32GB model

Where can you find a white iphone 4 deal for about 25 to 30 pounds a month with no extra costs?

Well it never lets me download songs off of the ITunes on my computer but there should already be an ICON on your IPhone4's home page

If you buy an iPhone 3G from the O2 shop for 342 pounds 99 pence do you get to connect to your WiFi at home with it for free?

go to menu and click on aplications > then click on camera.pretty easy!!! >_