Can you buy a dvd drive that attaches to your computer?

Answer sure, search ebay for an "external dvd drive" or pick one up from best buy for around $40once youve received it here is the easiest way to put dvds onto your ipod:step 1.go to this web address (do... Read More »

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What is the name of the tray that attaches to a bed?

A tray that attaches to a bed may be found under the name "Bed Rail and Tray." The tray is attached by sliding a large attached arm between the mattress and box spring. Some types of bed trays allo... Read More »

Flash drive problem: My computer will not read my flash drive when I plug it in the front of the computer.?

Check in CMOS that all usb ports are enabled. If so, it could drivers or a bad connection on the front ports.Cheers :-)

My cd/dvd drive doesn't work n my computer can i install my logitec software disc on a usb drive?

Yes just copy all the files over and open the .exe or setup file

Will it slow my computer down if I compress drive to save disk space under C drive properties?

no, if anything it should help your computer, sorting files making them more compact allowing more space when you de-frag, it depends how big your hard drive is and how fast your computer is. one t... Read More »