Can you buy a dryer power cord longer than 6 feet if you cannot install the stacked washer and dryer with the standard 6 foot cord?

Answer A longer cord may not allow the dryer to work to its full potential (ie longer to dry clothes) because of the voltage and current drops. Better to have the outlet moved. You can purchase a Petra 90... Read More »

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Does a stacked washer/dryer only have one power cord?

A stacked washing machine and dryer is an all-in-one system and it shares the same power cord. The washing machine and dryer comprise one electrical unit. A heavy-duty power cord is used to accommo... Read More »

How to Change the Power Cord on a GE Dryer?

Change the power cord on a GE dryer the same way you would the power cord on other brands of dryers. The power cord, sometimes referred to as a pigtail, has three or four wires that connect to the ... Read More »

How to Change the Power Supply Cord on a Dryer?

A dryer's power cord can wear down over time. The rubber housing can wear out, or the connectors can break. If your power cord starts to wear out, it can create a serious fire hazard, so it should ... Read More »

How do I replace the power cord on a Kenmore dryer?

Get PartsConsult your dealer or the Kenmore home page to determine the right cord for your model. Buy it on site or order from the Internet. Don't start work until the cord has arrived.Safety First... Read More »