Can you buy a computer and car with FINANCIAL AID?

Answer Yes as long as your financial aide does not have strict guidelines or require that you report how you spent it.P.S. I am using my financial aide to replace the engine in my car...I have two kids, ... Read More »

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Where can I find out about getting financial aid to help buy a computer for my online college classes?

You can get a new computer for about $500 at Just request a catalog and you'll see what I mean. They always have a $500 deal on some desktop. I got mine for $500, complete with monitor... Read More »

What Could Go Wrong With Financial Decisions With a Business?

As the owner of your business, you are accountable for making business financial decisions. Planning and thinking clearly can help you make financial decisions that will propel your business forwar... Read More »

How Do General Purpose Financial Statements Help Achieve the Objectives of Financial Reporting?

General-purpose financial statements target a diverse audience, telling readers how well a company navigated the economic ups and down over a given period -- say, a quarter or fiscal year. These s... Read More »

Can I pick up a Wifi signal with one computer, and send internet to another computer with an Ethernet cable?

Yes, just open Network Connections after connecting to the wireless connection. Highlight both the wireless connection and the Ethernet connection you want to "Bridge". Right-click and choose "br... Read More »